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  • Basics of Bible    Interpretation (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Book by Bob Smith (HTML, PDF) covering interpretive    principles and processes, figurative language, Biblical languages, and    structural analysis. 

  • Bible Interpretation (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)     Basic introduction to Hermeneutics. 

  • Biblical Hermeneutics    (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Interpreting the Bible according to the grammatical-historical method.    Created and maintained by Andrew S. Kulikovsky from Adelaide, South    Australia. 

  • Biblical    Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Recommended Books (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  In order by size and thoroughness:    from the shorter and simpler to the larger and more complex. 

  • The Catholic    Encyclopedia: Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  An article from the Catholic Encyclopedia 

  • Cherithbrook    Biblical Knowledge (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  This site is dedicated to teaching methods of Bible    study. This is investigative scrutiny into what God has spoken. Apologetics,    hermeneutics, and research resources, also includes a Christian chat room. 

  • Dictionary    of Socio-Rhetorical Terms (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Definitions of most of the major terms and    concepts used by Socio-Rhetorical Criticism (and related fields) as well as    short descriptions of the "textures" that make up a religious    text. 

  • The Eight Rules of    Bible Interpretation (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  "...the Eight Rules of Interpretation used    by legal experts for more than 2500 years." 

  • Explaining    Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Excellent commentary on The Chicago Statement on Biblical    Hermeneutics Articles of Affirmation and Denial. (Dr. Norman L. Geisler) 

  • Glossary of    Rhetorical Terms (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Rhetorical figures that come with examples. From the    Classics Department at the University of Kentucky. 

  • A Guide to    Biblical Exegesis (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Class syllabus by Richard Ascough, Queen's    Theological College. 

  • Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)     Basic rules for biblical interpretation are offered from a conservative    evangelical perspective. 

  • The Holy Spirit and    Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  A preliminary attempt at articulating the role of the    Holy Spirit in relation to the interpretation of Scripture. By Daniel B.    Wallace, Ph.D. 

  • Inspiration,    Authority and Interpretation (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Guidelines for sound biblical    interpretation. 

  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy    (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Draws from public domain sources for both its classic philosophical    e-texts collection and for portions of some articles. James Fieser, Ph.D.,    general editor. 

  • Interpretation    (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  The science of    interpretation is generally known as hermeneutics, while the practical    application of the principles of this science is exegesis. ( 

  • Issues    in Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Articles from the Protestant Reformed Theological    Journal by Herman C. Hanko. 

  • Modern    Hermeneutics: Legitimate Contrasted with Illegitimate (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Illegitimate    hermeneutics improperly limits a Bible text to a single meaning consistent    with the human author's prior knowledge. This is the first in a series of    studies. 

  • New Testament    Gateway: Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  An annotated gateway to useful resource pages on    religion, theology and the Bible on the internet, a section in the New    Testament Gateway by Dr Mark Goodacre, Department of Theology, University of    Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

  • Post-Holocaust    Hermeneutics (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Scripture, Sacrament, and the Jewish Body of Christ.    Discusses at length the difficulties that some people have with the    pseudo-semitic references in the Bible 

  • Quodlibet:    Biblical Interpretation (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  Article by John Odendaal surveys some of the    factors involved in interpreting Biblical texts. Includes bibliography. 

  • Scripture Twisting    Methods (Category: Bible Hermeneutics)  In the book "Scripture Twisting," James Sire has a    chapter devoted to each of the methods. Here is a summary.
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