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  • Amazing Bible World History    Timeline (Category:  Bible History)  Printable wall chart including Biblical and world events from    Adam to modern times (updated from 1930 version). 

  • Ancient    Corinth (Category:  Bible History)  Images of Ancient Corinth, Greece. 

  • Ancient    History Sourcebook: The Ancient Near East and Egypt (Category:  Bible History)  Excellent link    connection: ancient texts, and modern analyses. 

  • Bible History Online Images and    Resource Links (Category:  Bible History)  Resources for study of the Bible and the ancient world.    Maps, timelines, images, software, links. 

  • Doig, Ken: Biblical    Chronology (Category:  Bible History)  Includes article proposing a 16th-century date for the    Exodus; chronology of Jesus' ministry; works of Flavius Josephus. 

  • From Abraham to Joseph (Category:  Bible History)     Newly proposed historical context of the patriarchs, with chronology. 

  • From    Jesus to Christ (Category:  Bible History)  The First Christians (Category:  Bible History)  [Frontline 4-hour TV series]    Archaeological, sociological, and historical survey; pictures, maps, texts. 

  • The Gospels in the Second    Century (Category:  Bible History)  William Sanday's scholarly criticism of an anonymous book    "Supernatural Religion" which claimed that the Gospels were not    written till late in the second century. (Project Gutenberg ASCII e-text). 

  • Ioudaios-L (Category:  Bible History)  Scholarly    e-mail discussion list about Judaism in the Greco-Roman world. 

  • Jerusalem Perspective    Online (Category:  Bible History)  Articles about the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and    the study of the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke). 

  • The    Jewish Roman World of Jesus (Category:  Bible History)  Features articles and pictures by Dr.    James Tabor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte; an interesting    example of the relevance of ancient cults to understanding current events,    by a partipant in the negotiations preceding the Waco Massacre. 

  • Land of Israel in the    First Century C.E. (Category:  Bible History)  A map by Mahlon Smith with links to information on    the places it charts. 

  • Philologos: The    Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia (Category:  Bible History)  HTML etext of book by W.M.    Ramsay. 

  • Sketches of    Jewish Social Life (Category:  Bible History)  Christian Classics Ethereal Library offers the full    text of this book by Alfred Edersheim in a variety of formats. 

  • The Social World of    the New Testament (Category:  Bible History)  These pages are intended as a resource for serious,    scholarly studies of the social world of the early Christian writings. 

  • St. Paul, the    Traveller and the Roman Citizen (Category:  Bible History)  Biography of the apostle Paul by Sir    William Ramsey. 

  • Story of    Jesus and the Early Church (Category:  Bible History)  Chronologically arranged New Testament    (Phillips translation). 

  • The Temple—Its    Ministry and Services (Category:  Bible History)  Christian Classics Ethereal Library offers the    full text of this book by Alfred Edersheim in a variety of formats. 

  • Xtalk: The Historical Jesus and    Early Christian Origins (Category:  Bible History)  A moderated, academic e-list for discussion of    the Historical Jesus and Christian Origins.

  • Book of Jesus (Category:  Bible History)  Dramatization of    a harmony of the Gospels. 

  • The Gospels in Four Part    Harmony (Category:  Bible History)  Harmony based on MS Pepys 2498.
  • Sindication