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  • Academy of Ancient Languages (Category:  Bible Languages)     Resources to learn the Hebrew and Greek alphabets online, and listen to    readings from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. By Gary Martin, University    of Washington, Seattle, WA. 

  • Aramaic Language (Category:  Bible Languages)  A    forum for the scholarly discussion of the Aramaic language in its various    periods and dialects. 

  • The Bible    Translation Process (Category:  Bible Languages)  An introductory overview of the issues and    techniques involved in translating the Bible into an as yet unwritten    language. 

  • Coptic    Grammar (Category:  Bible Languages)  An Introductory Coptic Grammar (Category:  Bible Languages)  Sahidic Dialect. Transcribed    from J. Martin Plumley by George F. Somsel. 

  • The Foundations of Bible    Translation (Category:  Bible Languages)  Includes articles about its goals, process, and practice. 

  • Journal of    Biblical Studies: Fonts (Category:  Bible Languages)  Downloadable fonts for the languages of the    Ancient Near East. 

  • The    Language of the New Testament (Category:  Bible Languages)  A response to the (Muslim) claim that    the Gospels are corrupted since they are in Greek, which Jesus did not    speak. 

  • Languages of the    Bible (Category:  Bible Languages)  Brief discussion of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. 

  • QuickMem Greek (Category:  Bible Languages)  Flash    card system for Windows 9x for learning New Testament Greek vocabulary. By    Darren Twa.

  • Greek    Lexicography and Translation: Comparing Bauer"s and Louw-Nida"s Lexicons    (Category:  Bible Languages)  Vern Poythress reviews the strengths and weaknesses of Greek lexicons. 

  • Greek Lexicon (Category:  Bible Languages)  The    Greek lexicon is based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary plus others;    this is keyed to the large Kittel and the Theological Dictionary of the New    Testament. 

  • New Testament Greek    Lexicon (Category:  Bible Languages)  Look up English or Greek word, or Strong's number
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