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  • Bible Stories    for Derrida's Children (Category:  Bible Literature)  BC 01/02 98 ARTICLE on modern literary forms of    Bible studies. 

  • Bullinger:    Figures of Speech Used in the Bible (Category:  Bible Literature)  HTML Etext at God's Truth for    Today. 

  • Christian Apocrypha (Category:  Bible Literature)  Page    dedicated to the scholarly investigation of Christian Apocrypha in    association with the Christian Apocrypha Section of the Society of Biblical    Literature. 

  • Conversation    Analysis and the Book of Jonah (Category:  Bible Literature)  Papers responding to Raymond F. Person,    Jr. Conversation Analysis asks: How is speech represented in the biblical    text and how the structure of a dialogue contributes to the meaning of a    passage? 

  • David Clines:    The Bible in the Modern World (Category:  Bible Literature)  Published e-text of the Didsbury    Lectures, May 1993. 

  • Early Jewish Writings (Category:  Bible Literature)     A collection of Jewish documents from antiquity with translations,    introductions, and links. By Peter Kirby. 

  • Figures of    Speech (Category:  Bible Literature)  Etext of Appendix Six from The Companion Bible, by E. W.    Bullinger. 

  • Figures    of Speech, by A. E. Knoch (Category:  Bible Literature)  Etext of introductory article on figurative    language. 

  • Introduction    to the Literature of the Old Testament (Category:  Bible Literature)  Digital facsimile of the 9th    edition of Samuel Rolles Driver's book presenting early-20th-century    "source-criticism." For username and password, enter    "any" and "any". 

  • The Logia    Translation Hypothesis Homepage (Category:  Bible Literature)  Posits that Aramaic Logia were    composed by the apostle Matthew and then translated into Greek Logia, which    each synoptist independently selected to form his own gospel. 

  • Noncanonical    Literature (Category:  Bible Literature)  The main Jewish and Christian apocryphal and    pseudepigraphal texts, Fathers of the Church and Gnostic literature of Nag    Hammadi, Egypt. 

  • OCP (Category:  Bible Literature)  The Online Critical    Pseudepigrapha (Category:  Bible Literature)  Online, free-access critical texts of the    Pseudepigrapha in their original or extant languages and with a critical    apparatus. Sponsored by King's University College, at The University of    Western Ontario, Canada. 

  • On-Line    Texts Related to Biblical Study (Category:  Bible Literature)  Related to ancient Near Eastern    religions, Hellenistic Mediterranean religions and Biblical Study. By Alan    Humm at the University of Pennsylvania. 

  • Paul and Pauline    Resources (Category:  Bible Literature)  Links and study resources to Paul and the Pauline World. 

  • Puritan    Typology (Category:  Bible Literature)  Survey of Puritan authors writing about or utilizing Biblical    types. 

  • Silva Rhetoricae (Category:  Bible Literature)     Reference for terms and techniques of classical rhetorical theory. 

  • Story Structures in    Biblical Narratives (Category:  Bible Literature)  Article by Barry McWilliams. 

  • Synoptic Problem    (Category:  Bible Literature)  Proposes solutions for the Synoptic Problem, which is the literary    relationship between the first three "synoptic" gospels of the New    Testament: Matthew, Mark, and Luke. 

  • University of Maryland    Library: The Bible, Literature, and Literary Criticism (Category:  Bible Literature)  Bibliography. 

  • Victorian    Web: Biblical Typology (Category:  Bible Literature)  Introduction and survey of symbolic typology    with examples of its use in literature.
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