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  • The    Earliest Gospel (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Frederick C. Grant. The origin and teachings of Mark's    Gospel. 

  • The Gospel of Mark    (Category: Markīs Gospel )  An introduction to the book by Barry D. Smith. 

  • Irony in the End: A    Textual and Literary Analysis of Mark 16:8 (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Possible reasons for Mark's    abrupt ending. 

  • Kata Markon (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Moderated e-list    dedicated to discussion and evaluation of critical questions surrounding the    Gospel according to Mark. 

  • Literary    Approaches to the End of Mark's Gospel (Category: Markīs Gospel )  The abrupt ending at 16:8 best    fits the Mark's literary style and surpasses historical conjecture. [PDF] 

  • The    Mark Group of the Society of Biblical Literature (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Group of scholars of    the Society of Biblical Literature who present scholarly papers on topics in    the Gospel of Mark. 

  • Mark:    Introduction, Argument, and Outline (Category: Markīs Gospel )  An introduction to the book by    Daniel B. Wallace. 

  • Mark's Chiastic    Gospel Structure (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Proposed outline utilizing parallel themes and    phrases to demonstrate intention and design. By Jeffrey H. Krantz. 

  • The Style    of the Long Ending of Mark (Category: Markīs Gospel )  An examination of evidence pertaining to    authorship. By Bruce Terry.

  • Holman    Bible Dictionary: Messianic Secret (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Gives several reasons why Jesus    would want to keep his messiahship secret. 

  • The Messiahship:    Formal or Essential to the Mind of Jesus? (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Article from The Biblical    Review by Geerhardus Vos rejects the concept of a secret messiahship    altogether. [PDF] 

  • The    Messianic Secret in Mark's Gospel (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Whether secrecy is a unified theme    within Mark. Excerpt from book by Heikki Raisansen. [PDF] 

  • The    Problem of the Messianic Secret (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Review of Wrede's analysis, criticism,    and alternatives. Excerpt from book by Heikki Raisansen. [PDF] 

  • Wrede and the    Messianic Secret (Category: Markīs Gospel )  Reviews likely alternative explanations.
  • Sindication