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  • Bible Study: Which    Bible? Whose Canon?    (Category: Bible Canons)  Gives list for the canons for the    various churches and other religious groups (Category: Bible Canons)  including the Samaritans. 

  • Anabaptists:    How the Canon of the Bible Came to Us (Category: Bible Canons)  The authority of Scripture and    the choice of a canon. Not all the information is written by Anabaptists,    although the information is on their site. 

  • A Brief History of the    Apocrypha (Category: Bible Canons)  A Protestant look at the canon with lists of the Roman    Catholic and Orthodox Old Testament books. It points out that much of our    Christian culture comes from the Apocrypha. 

  • The Canon of the    Bible (Category: Bible Canons)  A survey of the history of the Protestant Bible. 

  • Canon of The Old    Testament (Category: Bible Canons)  A look at how Catholics arrived at the current collection of    Old Testament books. 

  • Catholic    Encyclopedia: Apocrypha (Category: Bible Canons)  A long article with a comments on each    Apocryphal book. 

  • The Development of the Canon of the New    Testament (Category: Bible Canons)  A survey of the development of the New Testament over the    first 4 centuries. 

  • Evangelicals and The    Canon of the New Testament (Category: Bible Canons)  Questions the process by which evangelicals    have judged the canon. 

  • The Formation of the New    Testament Canon (Category: Bible Canons)  A survey of the evidence based primarily on the    testimony of the early Church Fathers. [PDF] 

  • The    Journal of Hebrew Scriptures: Loose Canons (Category: Bible Canons)  An article by Philip R.    Davies subtitled "Reflections on the Formation of the Hebrew    Bible." 

  • Luther vs. the Canon of the    Bible (Category: Bible Canons)  Asserts that Martin Luther cavalierly regarded some books of the    Bible in an arbitrary and arrogant manner. 

  • Luther's    View of the Canon (Category: Bible Canons)  James Swan presents ten common misconceptions. 

  • The    Old Testament of the Early Church Revisited (Category: Bible Canons)  Critical perspective by    Albert Sundberg, Jr.
  • Sindication