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  • Angel Verses (Category: Bible Memorization)  Downloadable    Bible verses with artwork to use for memorization and study. (Zipped jpeg    files). 

  • An Approach to    the Extended Memorization of Scripture (Category: Bible Memorization)  Purpose and methodology for    memorizing entire books of the Bible rather than individual verses. 

  • The Bible Poem by    George Rigby (Category: Bible Memorization)  A poem that has verses for each of the 66 books in the    Bible to help in memorising the books in order. 

  • Hiding God's    Word (Category: Bible Memorization)  A growing on-line community of believers working together to    commit God's word to memory. 

  • Memory Verse Ministry (Category: Bible Memorization)  Memory    tips and online study tools. 

  • (Category: Bible Memorization)     Selections of memory verse cards in PDF and HTML format organized by topic    and Bible translation. 

  • Parent    Handbook for Scripture Memory (Category: Bible Memorization)  How to teach Bible verses to children    with suggested verses for different ages. 

  • Prayer    Foundation: Memory Verses (Category: Bible Memorization)  A detailed essay on the importance and    benefits of memorizing scripture. In addition, this site provides several    lessons teaching you how to work memorization into your daily life, along    with selected verses to memorize. 

  • (Category: Bible Memorization)     Encouragement to memorize large portions of the Bible. Memory forum, Psalms    in mp3 format. 

  • Scripture Memory Central. (Category: Bible Memorization)     Large list of Scripture memorization tips, tools and helps. 

  • Scripture Memory Challenge    (Category: Bible Memorization)  Recommended verses, memory tools, and quizzes. 

  • The Three Thirty Club (Category: Bible Memorization)     Scripture memory program that teaches all major verses of the Bible in    thirty meditations. 

  • WordSong (Category: Bible Memorization)  Bible stories sung    verse-by-verse with accompanying instruments, online or downloadable (MP3).

  • Bible Memory 2000 Project (Category: Bible Memorization)     NAS Bible text and games that are designed to help people to memorize the    passages. 

  • InVerse Scripture Memorization    (Category: Bible Memorization)  Windows program with Bible passages from eleven Bible translations. 

  • Scripture Memory System    for Windows (Category: Bible Memorization)  Windows software and a discussion list for those who are    interested in memorizing scripture.
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