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  • Adonai (Category: Names of God) - My    Lord (Category: Names of God)  A study on the meaning, usage and origins of Adonai in the Old    Testament. The Gospel Trail Christian Resource Center and Online Magazine. 

  • The Divine Name (Category: Names of God)  The    meaning and importance of God's name. 

  • Elohim vs. God, Lord,    G-d El Elah Eloah (Category: Names of God)  Name of God in the Bible and their different usages    and meanings. 

  • If You Know Him, Then What    Is His Name (Category: Names of God)  The importance of the name Yahweh. 

  • Jehovah the Divine Name (Category: Names of God)     Describes the use of the Hebrew divine name in English translations. Argues    against the Trinity. Monotheistic and Unitarian. 

  • The LORD and the Lord (Category: Names of God)  Old    Testament names and phrases for God compared with New Testament usage. 

  • Old    Testament Understanding of the Names for God (Category: Names of God)  Are the names for God    used in the Bible intended to have a material effect on the theological    content of the scripture? 

  • Rivers of Life and Light    Bible Studies (Category: Names of God)  God's name, Peter the rock, and Jesus' use of Abba for    God. 

  • Truth of Yahweh (Category: Names of God)     Studies of God's name emphasizing the Oneness of God. 

  • YAHUAHSHUA the Messiah    (Category: Names of God)  Commentary on the Hebrew name of the Almighty and of his beloved Son.
  • Sindication