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  • Acme Quiz Products (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Selling quiz    materials for several denominations. Discussion forum. 

  • Assemblies of God, USA: Junior Bible    Quiz (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Official site with national rules, certification for judges,    resources, schedules, and contacts. 

  • (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Assemblies of God    national program. Resources, tournament schedules, event news, and history. 

  • (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  South    Carolina Quiz Association. Articles and message board. 

  • Canadian Midwest Quizzing (Category:  Bible Quizzing)     Christian and Missionary Alliance. FAQ, official rule book, schedule, and    videos (RealMedia). 

  • Carlisle BIC Quizzers (Category:  Bible Quizzing)     Brethren In Christ. Team information, quizzing statistics, and study    materials. 

  • Colonial Woods Quiz Team (Category:  Bible Quizzing)     Missionary Church. Schedule, photos, and message forum. 

  • Detroit    Bible Quizzing (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  History of the event, schedules, newsletter, and links. 

  • Free Methodist Bible Quizzing (Category:  Bible Quizzing)     Handbook, team statistics, alumni pages, and hall of fame. 

  • Free Methodist    Bible Quizzing (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  The official Free Methodist Bible Quizzing home page.    Pictures, stats, links and resources related to Bible Quizzing. 

  • Pacific Northwest Bible Quizzing    (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Christian and Missionary Alliance site with rules, schedule, FAQ, study    tools and materials. 

  • Quiz coach dot com (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Missionary church    Bible quizzing, both teen and adult. One of the few locations with    information about adult Bible quiz tournaments. 

  • The Quizzing Source (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Nazarene Youth    International. Study tips and resources to become a better quizzer, history,    and stories. 

  • Religion    & Ethics NewsWeekly: Bible Quizzing (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Show transcript and video    (RealMedia) aired July 18, 2003. 

  • World Bible Quiz Association (Category:  Bible Quizzing)  Quizzing    based on the 1984 NIV. Site includes online sales of materials.
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