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  • Agabus Commentaries in Simple English    (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Introductions, verse-by-verse explanations, and endnotes. Ecclesiastes,    Song of Songs, Jonah, Mark, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, Philemon,    Hebrews, and Revelation. 

  • Beroean Page (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Bible    expositions by Paul Harris of selected books of the Bible. Additional    topical expositions. 

  • Bible Commentaries (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Book    introductions, narrative style commentary, and personal application. 

  • Bible Commentary (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  [English,    Spanish] By J. Dominguez, M.D., most of the Bible indexed by book, topical    articles, image galleries, Catholic perspective. 

  • Bible    Commentary by David Guzik (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  The pastor of Calvary Chapel of Simi Valley    explains Bible passages [HTML, some RealAudio and MP3]. 

  • Bible Commenter (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Includes    commentary notes by verse. 

  • Bible Explained (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Study    notes, maps, and charts. 

  • The Bible Oasis (Category:   Bible Commentaries)     Features analysis by section for most books. Interacts with current    scholarship, elaborates themes and difficult passages. 

  • (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Summary,    outline and devotional exposition on selected Old and New Testament books    (PDF). 

  • BibleTrack (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Conservative    analysis by passage or following a daily reading plan. 

  • Blue    Letter Bible: Chuck Smith Commentaries (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah,    Jeremiah, Lamentations, Daniel, and most of the New Testament. 

  • Calvin's    Commentaries (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  The complete commentaries of French reformer and    theologian, John Calvin (1509-1564). Calvin Translation Society edition. 

  • Catholic    Culture: The Most Theological Collection (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Roman Catholic scholar    provides introduction and chapter commentary on various books of the Bible.    Topical articles. 

  • Christians    Unite: Bible Commentaries (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  John Darby, Geneva Study Bible, Matthew    Henry, B. W. Johnson, Jamieson-Faussett-Brown, John Wesley. Indexed by    commentator, then book and chapter. 

  • Classic Bible Commentaries    (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  John Darby, Geneva Study Bible, John Gill, Jamieson-Faussett-Brown, B.W.    Johnson, John Lightfoot, John Wesley. Charles Spurgeon's Treasury of David    (Psalms exposition). Provides large print versions of each. Indexed by book    and chapter. 

  • Cleveland    Bible Commentary (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  By Sydney M. Cleveland, utilizes the NIV. Explains    word meanings and cross-references related passages. 

  • Commentaries    for the Pastor's Study (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Brief reviews and recomendations by John Brug    of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. [PDF] 

  • Council Bible Church:    Bible Commentary Page (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Extensive external links indexed by book. 

  •    Commentaries (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  John Darby, Geneva Study Bible, John Gill, Matthew Henry,    Jamieson-Fausset-Brown, A. T. Robertson, Scofield, Charles Spurgeon, John    Wesley; Fourfold Gospel (single-column harmony of the Gospels). 

  • Fred Miller Commentaries (Category:   Bible Commentaries)     Isaiah, Zechariah, and Revelation; digital scans of the Great Isaiah Scroll    and the Habakkuk Pesher (Dead Sea Scrolls) with textual analysis. 

  • Friday Study    Ministries: In-Depth Bible Studies (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Selected Old and New Testament    commentaries. The Gospel of John explained for children and Romans explained    for a youth audience. 

  • Friends of the    Nazarene: Nazarene Commentary (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Brief comments on the New Testament and    portions of the Old Testament. 

  • The    1599 Geneva Study Bible (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Protestant study Bible originally printed in    1560. 

  • John    Wesley's Explanatory Notes on the Whole Bible (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Commentary on the    Protestant Bible produced between 1754 and 1765. 

  • Jonathan's    Corner: The Commentary (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  A tale of the shortcomings and hazards of Bible    commentaries. 

  • Marsh Bible Commentary (Category:   Bible Commentaries)     Original material by John Marsh, indexed by book, chapter, verse. Also Bible    studies, quiet time and sermon notes. 

  • Matthew Henry    Commentary on the Whole Bible (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Indexed by book and chapter. 

  • Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary    (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Early eighteenth century Bible commentary, organized by book. 

  • Model Theology Web (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Robert Brow's    commentaries on Genesis, Proverbs, and much of the New Testament. Additional    theology articles. 

  • New    Creation: Bible Commentary Series (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Collection of conservative    commentaries in PDF format. 

  • Oen Door    Fellowship: Commentary Notes on the Bible (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Study notes and original    translations by Andy Cheung (PDF). 

  • Pete Pettingell    (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Original verse by verse commentaries and topical articles. 

  • The    Prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  By Seventh-day Adventist Uriah    Smith. 

  • Reformation Ministries    International: Online Books (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Downloadable theology books (PDF)    including commentaries on Malachi, Ephesians, Philippians, and the Sermon on    the Mount by Vincent Cheung. 

  • ReligionOnline:    Bible Commentary (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Index of articles by title. 

  • Saved by    Grace: Bible Commentaries (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  By Dennis Wheeler. Daniel, Esther, Mark,    Acts, Galatians, Philemon, Titus, and Revelation. Additional topical    studies. 

  • Scofield    Reference Notes (1917 Edition) (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Includes division overviews and    commentary on the books of the Protestant Bible. 

  • Sonic Light: Dr.    Constable's Bible Study Notes (Category:   Bible Commentaries)  Detailed, conservative commentary    includes issues of special introduction: authenticity, historical    background, authorship, date. Engages current scholarship. (PDF, Palm,    Pocket PC formats).
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