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  • The Book of Revelation    (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Verse commentary and sermon notes. 

  • Boustrophedon    (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  English text of a commentary first published in Kiswahili as Mwongozo wa    Ufunuo wa Yohana. Intended for diploma/first degree level. 

  • Commentary on Revelation (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )     [English, Spanish, French] by Ross A. Taylor: Literary analysis, historical    setting, hermeneutics, detailed verse commentary, interacts with other    commentators. Annotated bibliography. 

  • History of the Future:    A Commentary on Revelation (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Based on the King James Version, Baptist    Pastor Marvin Blackburn and his son Timothy Blackburn explain John's vision. 

  • Interpretive Models    for the Book of Revelation (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Dr. Greg Herrick evaluates hermeneutical    approaches to understanding the book of Revelation. 

  • Jon Paulien: Book of Revelation    (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Andrews University    Theological Seminary provides outline, literary type, structure, John's use    of Old Testament imagery, and bibliography. 

  • Matthew Henry's    Commentary on the Whole Bible: Revelation (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Commentary published in 1721    which looks at biblical passages chapter by chapter, and section by section. 

  • The Most Revealing Book of the    Bible (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Commentary by Vernard Eller, including timeline, outline, map,    and New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) text. 

  • Munson, Reverend Herbert    Melville Jr: Strange Work (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Chapter by chapter commentary on the Bible    prophecy of Revelation. 

  • Notes on the Apocalypse    (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  1870 book By David Steele, postmillennial perspective. 

  • Revelation    (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  A study and interpretation by Jeanie C. Crain. 

  • The    Revelation (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Don Koenig's verse-by-verse commentary written from what he    calls a futurist, common sense viewpoint. 

  • Revelation Commentary (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )     Detailed chapter and verse analysis of Revelation from a conservative,    premillennial viewpoint. Site sponsored by Sola Scriptura Group. 

  • The Revelation of John    (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Based on seminar taught by Dr. John Alsup. Includes discussion notes,    original translation, annotated syllabus, and bibliography. 

  • Richard    Chenevix Trench: Commentary on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia    (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  1863, Arch­bi­shop of Dub­lin. (Image, text, PDF) 

  • The Structure    of Revelation (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Survey and proposed outline based on literary and    theological analysis. 

  • Studies in    Revelation (Category: Commentaries from Revelation )  Online version of book by J. Hampton Keathley III. Also    offers the hard copy for sale.
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