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  • The Case Against Q (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Studies in    Markan Priority and the Synoptic Problem. By Mark Goodacre. 

  • The Five Gospels    Parallels (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Gospel Parallels for Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Thomas. 

  • Gospel Dates,    Gospel Authors, Gospels Freedoms (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A consideration of gospel authorship,    publication dates, and historical reliability. By J. P. Holding. 

  • Harmony of the Gospels (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A    historical study of the four gospels with verses of the gospels presented    side by side in for the most part chronological order. 

  • Harmony of the Gospels    (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A chronological synopsis of the gospels in Greek and English. Etext,    downloadable PDF format. 

  • The    Life of Jesus in Harmony (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Outline of a harmony of the four gospels. 

  • Principles Involved in    Harmonizing the Synoptic Gospels (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  The five main principles. 

  • Synoptic    Gospel Outline (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Hypertext links to the RSV translation at Bible    Gateway, with footnotes to the Catholic Catechism, word studies, and    comments. 

  • Synoptic Gospel Primer (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )     An introduction to the "Synoptic Problem": questions and theories    about the literary relationships among the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and    Luke. 

  • Synoptic Gospels:    Harmony / Disharmony in the gospels. (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A consideration of this topic by    James P. Dawson. 

  • Synoptic-L (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  An    academic list devoted to scholarly discussion of the Synoptic Gospels.

  • The Beloved Disciple (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )     E-text of book by Vernard Eller identifying Lazarus as the beloved disciple. 

  • Exegesis of John's    Gospel, with Commentary on Prologue and Chs. 1 (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  4 (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Book length study    of John 1-4; [PDF format]. 

  • The Fourth Gospel and John's    Epistles (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Web site links and a bibliography of books and journal    articles related to the Johannine Literature. By Armand J. Gagne Jr. 

  • An Introduction to    the Gospel of John (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Introduction. Covers the authorship, date, origin    and destination, its purpose and also talks about its relationship with the    other Gospels. In outline form. 

  • The Johannine    Literature Web (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Resources for the academic study of the gospel and    letters of John. By Felix Just. 

  • Let    John Be John: A Gospel for Its Time (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Essay by James Dunn reviews the    characteristics that set John apart from the Synoptic Gospels. [PDF] 

  • The    New Era in Johanine Interpretation (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Recent trends in understanding    John's Gospel, article by David Rensberger. [PDF] 

  • The Sociology of    Secrecy and the Fourth Gospel (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A look at secrecy, misunderstanding, and    deceit in the gospel. By Jerome H. Neyrey.

  • Gospel of Luke (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Four    articles which present a theory about when, why, and to whom Luke wrote. By    Richard H. Anderson. 

  • The Gospel of Luke    (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  An introduction to the book by Barry D. Smith. 

  • Gospel of Saint Luke    (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  An introduction to the book. From The Catholic Encyclopedia (1910). 

  • The    Lukan Canticles: Luke"s Support for the Jews (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Geoffrey Madden    proposes that the Lukan canticles are evidence of Luke"s reverence for the    traditions of the early Jewish Christian community and Jesus" family. 

  • Luke (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A    consideration of gospel authorship and publication date. By J. P. Holding. 

  • Luke:    Introduction, Outline, and Argument (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  An introduction to the book by    Daniel B. Wallace. 

  • The Luke Site (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A guide    for the study of the Gospel and Acts.

  • The    Gospel According to Matthew (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  An introduction to the gospel. From the    Blue Letter Bible site. 

  • Matthean    Studies (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Links to academic and literary resource collected by Janice    Anderson. 

  • Quodlibet:    Matthew's Christian-Jewish Mission (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  Proposes that Matthew set out to    illustrate that Jesus, in his life and in his death, fulfilled the Old    Testament prophecies and made Judaism complete. 

  • Was the Gospel of    Matthew Originally Written in Hebrew? (Category: New Testamentīs Gospels )  A brief presentation of recently    noticed evidence favoring the proposition that the apostle Matthew wrote a    gospel in Hebrew. By Neil Altman.
  • Sindication